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Located in Midlothian, VA, our mission at Cap City Cryo is to assist you in gaining access to one of the most cutting-edge health-promoting technologies available today. Our well trained, knowledgeable and friendly staff will be of service to you every step of the way. Once you experience the benefits of cryotherapy, you’ll understand why we are so passionate about making it available to you. Let Cap City Cryo help you reach your fitness and wellness goals by adding cryotherapy to your routine. You already train like a pro. Now recover, recharge and revitalize like a pro too!

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Survey results indicate that many participants use cryotherapy for workout recovery, pain management, mental well being, and weight management. Whole body cryotherapy is an excellent complement to existing health and wellness initiatives.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is one of the newest, fastest growing, holistic modalities that promote wellness and healing at the cellular level. In 1978, it was originally developed to treat rheumatoid arthritis by Dr. Toshima Yamauchi. He found that exposing the body to extremely low temperatures helps reduce inflammation of the muscles and joints while promoting healing and wellness.

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